Educator on all things online content and social media Copyblogger has cut cords with Facebook. This decision has sent digital shockwaves through marketing communities. Online Brands added “There has been a lot of skepticism over whether this was a needed move. From the outside the Copyblogger Facebook page wasn’t exactly a shrinking violet. With over 38,000 fans and regularly posted content deleting the page seemed like a waste.”

While many are wondering why Copyblogger made the cut most people are wondering how this impacts their business.

Although an online educator signing out of Facebook doesn’t directly impact many businesses, the motive behind it has been unnerving. A lot of businesses – especially small businesses, rely on social media as a cheap and easy way to get their name out. If an expert at online content deletes their page because of a lack of engagement is there hope for smaller businesses?

Before anyone throws in the social media towel, Coppyblogger’s decision needs to be looked at in isolation. They decided Facebook wasn’t best for their business. Copyblogger stated,

“It’s not our job to tell our audience where we live. It’s to grow communities where they live.The Copyblogger Google+ community’s statistics blow Facebook away by miles.Twitter is an amazing platform at both the brand level and for many of the individuals in the company.”

Copyblogger is not giving up social media altogether. For a company that runs primarily online that would make no sense. They just understand that Facebook is not where their fans are active. Social media will likely still hold a prominent position in digital engagement. Facebook will still hold a prominent position in digital engagement. Until something shinier comes along of course!


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