Word of mouse is the digital equivalent to the marketing phrase word of mouth. While the term is easy enough to understand, the implementation of it isn’t always so straightforward. Sometimes you can invest a lot of effort into making your website search engine friendly but now have content worthy of being talked about. Other times you can excel in creating memorable and content worth talking about but just can’t seem to find an audience. Or rather, have an audience find you. Here are some easy to follow tips for improving your brand’s word of mouse:

1. Start With a Strategy

Just as good marketing campaigns don’t just happen, improving your company’s word of mouse needs to be well planned out. This is where a digital strategy kicks in. There are several things you need to consider. Don’t assume that just because you use a desktop computer and Firefox that everyone who finds your Website will too. Optimise your content for different search engines, mobile devices and possibly operating systems.

2. Do Not Get Stuck in the Wrong Web

Here is where knowing some basics about SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation comes in handy. You may be wondering what SEO has to do with getting talked about online. It’s important to realise that if people can’t find you online, how can they hear your messages? With this in mind, pick some authentic and relevant keywords to associate with your site. If you own a stationary company, while picking keywords like “qwerty” might be well searched, they are completely irrelevant to your business!

3. Content is King

Similar to word of mouth, online content needs to be worth sharing. Time and time again, companies create viral videos which friends willingly share. The most recent case of this was IKEA releasing an Ad online originally just for Singapore and Malaysia. This advert now has over 19 million views. This shows that by creating memorable, entertaining or perhaps even controversial content people will be willing to share your brands messages even if they are just adverts!

4. Sign into Social Media

Learn to Tweet, follow, share, like, reblog and much more. Social media has become an incredibly prominent part of the Web and should be harnessed for it’s word of mouse capabilities. Make sure your content is able to be shared freely on multiple social media platforms. Also consider creating social media pages for your company.

5. Leave it to an Expert

Although there are basic things you can do to get known online, a DIY job can only take you so far. If you really want your business to be ranked high in search engines it can get quite technical. Setting up a no-obligation consultation with an online marketing company is best to find out how an expert can make sure you are findable.


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