One lesson you never want to learn from experience is how important security is. Maybe important files from your businesses computers were stolen. Or maybe your social media account was hacked into. People are quick to preach the importance of cyber security. But when it comes to residential and commercial security, people aren’t so bold.

You would think more people would promote the importance of securing your home or business. Unfortunately most people don’t promote this because they themselves are not secure. They would feel like a hypocrite by saying to get an advanced security system when their burglar alarm ran out of battery four years ago.

It’s time to get wired into security. More specifically wired security systems. Why wired security systems you may ask? Quite simply because they are more reliable. Also according to Chubb,

[Wireless security systems] offer a lower long term cost because the components don’t have batteries that need to be replaced, and the signals between system components are clear and powerful because there is no signal¬†interference¬†from the house construction.”

If you’re not yet wired into security contact Chubb. They offer excellent wired security systems to keep your home or business secure.

If you want to go one step further to secure your home or business, Chubb also offer alarm monitoring services for burglary and intrusion, smoke and fire detection, and emergency/panic alerts.

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