Are you trying to figure out how to remove the Author from posts and archive pages in the Canvas theme in WordPress?  Or are trying to remove the category by leave the rest?

It’s actually really easy.


Firstly, What Doesn’t Work

If you want to remove the whole post meta line (author name, date and category) then most people recommend using .post-meta{display:none} in your CSS.

This is OK if you want to hide all of it.  But if you just want to remove part of the line it doesn’t work.  You can hide the author name using CSS, but the word “by” is still there. Which doesn’t make sense.

How to Remove Any Part of the Post-Meta Line in Canvas Theme

Thankfully there is actually a really easy way to edit this in Canvas.

In your Admin area simply go to Canvas > Filters.

You’ll see there is a section titled “Above post content” which controls exactly what is shown in the post-meta.

It looks like this:


So all you have to do is remove whichever section you don’t want.

For example if you don’t want the Author to show, delete <span class="small">By</span>[[post_author_posts_link]]
Then hit ‘Save Changes’ and the author is gone.

Remove the Author Box and Subscription Box

You’ll also want to remove the Author box from the bottom of the posts.  And you may want to to remove the “Subscribe” box too.

These can both be removed in the Canvas settings. The author box and subscribe box looks like this:

author and subscribe

To Remove the Author Box

Go to Canvas > Styling & Layout > Posts / Pages

Scroll down and tick “Disable Post Author”.


To Remove the Subscribe Box

Go to Canvas > Subscribe and Connect > S&C Setup

At the top of the page untick “Enable Subscribe & Connect – Single Post”.

Josh Moore

Josh Moore

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