If you are using CyberChimps Responsive  theme and you’re seeing a blank home page or getting a 404 error on the home page of your website, then this article will show you how to solve the blank home  page or 404 on your home page.

Reason for the  home page to be blank?

The reason you’re getting a blank screen on your  home page is because the template is  set to “Default template”, whereas the template should be set to “Content/Sidebar” template on the home page.


Under  template option, choose “Content/Sidebar” as the template and click on update. Once you made made the changes, visit your website now there should not be any 404 error on the home page.

If you want to make any page your home page, edit the page and make sure to change the template to “Content/Sidebar” and click on update and your home page should start working fine.

Below is a screenshot where you can change the page template.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Roughton

Andrew Roughton

Andrew is an online marketing specialist, based in Hamilton, New Zealand, with personal experience in ecommerce startups. He originally trained as a computer programmer, and then accidentally drifted into adult/tertiary education where he held both teaching and executive roles. In that time he managed a multi-million dollar budget and around 90 staff in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch. His role included both domestic and international marketing. Andrew completed an MBA in 2012 which helped with the leadership and management of the business, as well as his ongoing personal involvement in developing and delivering online business education.
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