One of the biggest and oldest ecommerce giants is eBay. In order to compete with Amazon, it added the option for users to “buy instantly” instead of the traditional online bidding. And it changed how users can rate sellers just as Amazon does.

It’s not a surprise that eBay also came out with its own mobile app to keep up with the latest trends. While all these new changes helped eBay to stay in business, it hasn’t been easy with Amazon continually growing and acquiring new businesses.

However, eBay does have its own advantages that make shopping with them a unique and smooth experience.

In this short article, I’ll run through the good and the bad of eBay’s app.

eBay’s Mobile App “Goods”

One of eBay’s advantage is that it was one of the first companies to come out with a mobile shopping app. That alone allowed it to spread globally.

It has been able to make adjustments to its app over the years to make it more user-friendly and be what people want for an online shopping experience. For example, the app allows users to do online ticket trading or trade currencies.

Not only eBay’s official payment system PayPal makes all transactions easy and seamless, but with special mobile promotions and discounts eBay helps merchants boost their sales across all channels.

On top of all mentioned above, the utter size of eBay gives it an advantage. It has the backing and support of customers from around the world that makes it worthwhile to use eBay as a mobile app.

eBay’s Mobile App “Bads”

Although the previous section illustrated the positives of the eBay’s mobile app, it still has its own problems. Amazon is continually a step ahead of it in many respects.

eBay still has many fraud and lawsuits that have occurred on both the website and the mobile app. Fake sales often come from illegitimate sellers who take the information from buyers. This is more common that confidential information is coerced out of buyers.

Even with the fraud claims, eBay still remains in the competition and people have remained confident in it.

Do you think eBay and its mobile app will stay?

Let us know what you think.

All about the Ecommerce Giant – eBay


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