A lot of people are getting charged up by the latest iOS upgrade. Or rather should I say downgrade. Alongside an infestation of bugs is an issue with using an uncertified charger or cable with your iPhone or iPad.

Apple likes to keep its loyal followers under a strict dictatorship. Only Apple should be allowed to profit from any accessory related to their products. I mean, why should people use more reliable, sturdy and cheaper chargers when they can pay a small fortune for Apple’s cheap and glitchy chargers? Steve Jobs would applaud at the profit-maximisation.

But the general population? We aren’t so impressed. Deciding to buy a non-certified charger was one of my best money saving decisions this year. It worked perfectly fine and was sturdy enough to take on trips without worrying about the charger doing the thing. Any Apple device owner knows all too well what the thing is. For those who don’t, here it is:


When this happens your charger is as good as dead. But my trusty and admittedly uncertified charger worked like a charm. Until I updated took the bullet in the Russian Roulette game of updating your Apple device. Here are four simple solutions to this issue:

1. Try Another Charger

The problem may not be due to the iOS8 update. So your first call should be to try another charger, if available. If the other charger works and is yours, then just use that charger from now on. If the charger is not yours and the owner wants to hold onto it, then you should look into buying another charger. However if the charger does not work and is certified then the issue may lie closer to home.

2. Spring Clean

Hopefully your problem is able to be solved with a little bit of spring cleaning. The lightning cable may be clogged with dirt or grime preventing it to work efficiently. Your charger may need a clean if:

  • It charges in fits and bits
  • It just looks plain dirty

Charge Tech suggests cleaning the charger with compressed air to remove dirt. The issue may also be with your charging port, which you can change yourself.

3. Plug Your Device in For Twenty Minutes Then Reset

As frustrating as it may be, you should try resetting your device. Plug it in to a wall outlet for around twenty minutes then reset by pressing and holding the home and power button simultaneously. After around ten seconds the logo should appear. However DO NOT HARD RESET YOUR DEVICE. DO. NOT. It will not restore your device back to beloved iOS7 or below. It will just delete everything you have saved. And leave you with your broken charger.

4. Buy a New Charger And Complain on Facebook

This is the simplest solution of all. Go down to your local Apple outlet. Buy a $34.95 Apple certified charger. Complain to all your Facebook friends using your freshly charged device. However if you are anything like me and are money conscientious/stubborn this option is not so easy.

5. Switch to Android

Let’s face it. Ever since Android announced it’s latest update would automatically encrypt data, you have been itching to make the switch. This is of course the most expensive and dramatic option. But who knows maybe one day iOS10 will make tablets kick off any uncertified phone cases. Or iOS13 will delete all apps that don’t promote Apple’s brand thus deleting your Candy Crush high score. Cutting your losses now could save you money, and inevitable frustration, in the long term.


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