You may have heard of a little revolution called the Lily Drone. If not, here is a video:

There are several things about Lily that make her a game changer. First is the fact that this drone has a purpose. Tech critiques complain that drone technology often does not serve a purpose. But this drone serves a clear purpose: satisfying our egotistical needs.

Joking aside, this drone changes photography. According to How To Choose, photography before lacked a 360° view. That is unless you count panoramas – which I personally don’t.

This drone also captures HD photos and videos regardless of terrain (or arm length). That is because it can fly or swim. It is controlled by a bracelet worn by the user. This means if you are going on a hike, it can follow you around.

However a limitation is the short battery life. The drone only lasts for twenty minutes of film time. This raises the question about what happens to the drone if it is flying through mountains and it runs out of battery. Presumably it is more advanced that modern robo vacuums and can fly back to base.

Now looking at the drone on a wider scale, the effects of it are even more notable. Firstly it responds to commands – not so impressive of a drone. I mean most technology can be programmed to follow commands. However it follows long distance commands. And now that is more impressive than repeating what you said to Siri three times to get a somewhat correct response.

What’s even more impressive is the way this drone responds to it’s environment. It isn’t quite at the level of environment communication that you get in a ubiquitous computing sci-fi novel. But it is more advanced than most attempts at environment conversation.

However Lily does not have obstacle avoidance technology. The website claims, “have found that most outdoor activities do not need obstacle avoidance because Lily can follow the user’s path.”

Another way this drone is advanced is in it’s usability. You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to be able to easily use it. Even look at how simplified the website has made it:

Screen shot 2015-07-05 at 7.28.13 PM


The Lily Drone is currently available for pre-order at $599. However this is the pre-sale price and it ends on July 15th.

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