Martin jetpack, the world’s first practical jetpack, has recently made leaps and bounds over previous models. This improvement has been described as a ‘quantum leap’ over the previous model.  Here is a video of their most recent P12 model:

Currently the jetpack has a flight capacity of 30 minutes with speeds up to 74 kilometers per hour. That’s no small feat considering the first jetpack could only fly for one minute at a time.

Comparing the P11 and P12 models
Comparing the P11 and P12 models

Those noting the jetpack’s improvement may be interested to hear that Martin Aircraft company intends to list on the share market. The company already has 40 pre-orders placed and a potential $20 million dollars worth of interest in their jetpack. The company has also had over 100,000 inquiries and interest from governments and private companies in Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States and Jordan.

However experts have advised that investment would be high-risk. James Smalley from Sharebrokers Hamilton Hindin Grene claimed “I don’t think anyone will go into that investment thinking it’s going to be a solid, dividend-paying stock any time soon.”

With the company operating at a $1.76 million loss it is easy to see why experts are skeptical. Still this listing has been predicted to possibly attract some experienced investors. The product is after all unique and has high interest both on a local and global scale.

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