New home security technologies are complex, intense and expensive. As technology enthusiasts rolled out new security technologies boasting to be more complex than the last one, Canary decided to take a completely different approach. Yes, it is now possible to take a minimalist approach to security while still being, well, secure. Canary condensed the core functions of home security into a simple and elegant device.

According to AdWeek, Canary tracks motion, temperature, air quality, and sound to create a holistic view of the health and safety of your home. It accomplishes this through a thorough array of sensors, including HD video, night vision, and accelerometers. Canary connects to iOS and Android devices to keep you informed of activity in your home – both obvious (someone is in your house) and not so obvious (humidity is getting a little high, so you might want to consider turning on the A/C).

After receiving an alert, you can respond by placing a phone call, texting a neighbour or triggering the internal alarm. And lest you be concerned about receiving excessive updates, Canary learns your habits in order to streamline its alert system. All this data is stored inside their application, allowing you to view the trends inside your home and get deeper insight into your own habits.

While these technologies may still be years away from reaching our shores, New Zealand security companies are already proving to be strong competitors. Take Chubb for example, a long-time expert at home security systems. Why spend unsecured years waiting for Canary when Chubb offers modern and affordable systems.


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