Ahh the Apple Watch. A revolution in wearables. A huge step forward in haptic technologies. A 340×272 px watch which will change¬†everything. Well, maybe not quite.

The Apple Watch (NOT the iWatch – that sounds more horrifying) has been praised by tech and Apple enthusiasts alike. It’s also received it’s fair share of criticism. I for one don’t jump on the bandwagon that believes the Apple Watch will change the world.

I’m not saying it doesn’t have its perks. I mean, its a mini computer living on your wrist. Its the most advanced watch we’ve ever seen. Is it a step forward for wearable technology? Yes. But is it changing the world? Not really.

The watch follows the same format of most iPhones – except it’s less powerful. It’s quite similar to strapping an iPhone to your wrist – except the screen is smaller and it’s less capable. It doesn’t even have the long battery life of a regular watch.

In fact, I’d argue that even a hyper powerful watch wouldn’t revolutionise technology. Sure it would be incredible if your watch could measure your blood pressure levels or tweet your location. It’s not so much a problem with the technologies potential itself. The main issue is that it is after all a watch.

The first real step towards a technology immersed and haptic technology world is changing the structure of this world. Instead of having a computer in your pocket or on your wrist, the environment itself should become like a computer.

If you still want an Apple Watch to prove what a tech trendsetter you are, I’d say go for it. But I personally am saving my dollars until the real deal comes along.

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