After releasing Spark’s new Internet TV service Lightbox, Spark aims to attract at least 70,000 paying customers by June 2015. These customers or “lightboxers” will have access to over 5000 hours worth of content. Anyone with Internet access will be able to participate in a 30 day free trial or purchase the service directly for $15 per month.

It is unclear whether this mass of lightboxers is a bit optimistic for Spark, a company which previously focused solely on telecommunications. When compared to one of Spark’s main and long-term competitors Sky, this is even more challenging. Sky is currently in over 865,000 homes around New Zealand. With a multitude of channels to choose from, many New Zealanders may need convincing that Internet TV truly is a better alternative.

However Lightbox still brims with potential. Instead of being stuck watching TV in a single location, lightboxers can watch shows from wherever they please using mobile devices. Furthermore there is no installation costs or extra requirements- just Internet access. Furthermore there are no ads so users pay only for what they want to see. Lightboxers can also watch “primetime TV” at whatever time they deem primetime- they are not restricted by program schedules.

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