The waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 released a video of the phone completing the ice bucket challenge. This has been released to demonstrate the phones waterproof capabilities and challenge main competitors whose phones are not water resistant.

“While this ad was creative and relevant to current social media trends, it has mostly been viewed critically. And with no mention in the video of ALS or making a donation, it is reasonable for viewers to be disillusioned. Mike Haftel commented about the ad “[It] would have been better to have the CEO do the challenge while holding/using the phone. Then challenge other CEO’s of Apple, etc. That way it wouldn’t have felt like Samsung was hijacking a legit charity campaign for its own marketing purposes. At least not so outright and obviously.”

The iPhone is yet to respond to this challenge. Although with this ad’s negative reception, the best response is most likely no response.”

At this stage it seems likely that the iPhone 6 will follow it’s predecessors in not being waterproof.

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