Day by day new and innovative ways of using the 3D printer are fabricated. From a 3D printed house to 3D printed laptop kits, you begin to wonder whether anything more bizarre could be thought up! That was until a New Zealand company allowed you to print your own brain.

How does this technology work? MRI scans are used to map out contours of your grey matter. This map is then used to created a plastic nylon replica of your brain. So in layman terms, advanced photocopying your brain.

Getting your own copy of your brain isn’t as difficult as you would assume. You don’t need to be requiring it for medical or research purposes; essentially anyone in the world with the right tools could place an order. However there is one difficult prerequisite. You need a MRI scan or access to a MRI scan used for research purposes.

While some may see this as a unique form of art or just plain cool, it’s not for everyone. The brains behind the business Will Brown claimed it’s a very niche market.

Brown is a strong advocate for 3D printing. He says, “It’s quite hard to know. The possibilities with 3D printing are huge and the main advantage is that the industry is only going to be bigger and bigger.”

If you’re interested in owning a replica of your brain or just want to meander through the web, check out the website.

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