A cool new app makes it seem like the smart home is closer than ever. Sure it’s not this fully furbished smart home that cooks, cleans and entertains for you. But it is readily available and makes life an awful lot simpler.

While heat pumps and air conditioners are great they have their limits. On hot summer days like today, it’s always frustrating to arrive home to find your house has transformed itself into a 170°C oven. When you get home, you want fast relief and just open the windows as your air conditioner gathers dust.

Now it doesn’t need to be that way. If you have a smartphone or tablet (either iPhone or Android) there’s a really simple solution. And that solution is PebbleAir. Fujitsu’s Pebble gives the user remote control access to monitor and control your heat pump. Users can turn it on, check and adjust your home’s temperature and set timers to ensure comfort for when you arrive home.

The device itself isn’t overly complex. It runs on a “plug-in and play” model. So all the user needs to do is plug it in and connect it to wifi. Then the pebble air app can be downloaded from the App store for Apple products or Google Play for Android enthusiasts.

Unfortunately this device doesn’t work on every heat pump. Since it’s from Fujitsu, naturally it works on old and new Fujitsu models. However it also works on multiple heat pump models and brands. The best way to find out whether it would work on your heat pump is by contacting a professional. Ask Goldstar Heat Pumps, installer of Tauranga, Waikato and Auckland heat pumps about Pebble air.

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