Two months into 2015, and apps still aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, iPhone apps are reaching record sales numbers! Unfortunately, this onslaught of techies with large app-etites means app developers are churning out new apps all the time. This makes it impossible to wade through seas of apps all beckoning for your attention.

It’s not easy to say what a good app is. What’s a game changer for one person may be uninstalled by another. Great apps are measured by their ability to change, enhance or even just simplify someones life. So here are three of the best apps to date for 2015:

1. Scanner Pro

App Category: Business

Price: $4.10

Desription: Gone are the days when you need to lug your files, documents or photos to a scanner only to wrestle with the machine and hope for the best. The scanner pro makes high quality scans of anything from anywhere just using your iPhone. After scanning, PDF files can be emailed, printed, shared or uploaded to services such as Dropbox and others. Convinced? Check it out here.

2. Invoice2go

App Category: Business

Price: FREE

Description: This all-in-one app creates invoices, estimates, credit memos and purchase orders. Furthermore it keeps track of money owed, taxes and totals. So it’s similar to having your own personal accountant in your pocket. Except it’s free! If your inner freelancer is calling, learn more here.

3. PebbleAir

App Category: Convenience

Price: FREE

Description: Nothing is worse than coming home from work after a hot day to find your home has transformed into a sauna. Or to come home after a chilly day to find your home is colder than you recall. Then PebbleAir came into the scene. PebbleAir allows you to monitor and change your heat pump, anywhere from any time all from your iPhone. If you want to know more, ask Goldstar to see if your Fujitsu heat pump is compatible.

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