“Technology” and “sporting” aren’t two words you often put together. In fact, when thinking of people immersed in technology, you often picture the very opposite of being active! While that can be true, technology has definitely made its way into sporting and has revolutionised it for the better. Think about it: to be successful at sports, you often need to be like a machine. Your movements need to be automated and optimised for maximum efficiency. You also need to solve problems with pre-determined answers – there is little time to sit and think about what your next move should be. Here are some of the coolest recent developments in sporting technology:

Virtual Reality Meets Our Reality

Virtual reality can have a massive impact on both player efficiency and audience enjoyment. Being able to put players inside the game during practice to reenact real situations will enhance the game, notes Jed York. Also it will change the audience experience by putting the average person there ‘live’ will change how we view and even participate in sport

Stadiums Get More Social

Why do people still go and see live sporting matches when they can watch the same thing for free and from the comfort of their own couch? Because of the social atmosphere. Gather a bunch of people who like the same sport into one stadium, throw in some peanuts and face paint and it’s like magic. The Levi’s Stadium hopes to make this experience even more social. This stadium is fully equipped with wifi. This means going to the game through mobile ticketing, ordering food to your seats, and having the bandwidth to check on your fantasy team and other scores can all be done easily.

Wearable Technology

Chip Bowers from ChatSports: Minds Behind the Game believes wearable technology is the next big thing in increasing player efficiency and extending careers. Wearable technology is often associated with being distracting – not increasing efficiency! This technology will also provide knowledge to make it possible for organizations to put players in the best position to succeed, which will only further elevate the quality of the players.

Go Bouncy Or Go Home

A common problem with tennis is the balls lose their bounce way too quickly. This results in people looking to buy pressureless tennis balls only to be disappointed by how heavy and difficult to spin they become. This is why PressureBall sprung on the scene. PressureBall is a tennis ball pressuriser tube that ensures tennis balls never lose their bounce.

Soccer Goal Line Scores Big

It’s not a real soccer game unless there’s an angry parent or a spectator yelling at the referee right? With Soccer Goal Line technology, this can be completely obliterated. This technology monitors whether a ball really has passed the goal line and can be counted as a point. Similar technology has already been welcomed in cricket, tennis and American Football.

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